Brian Green

Professional MMA Fighter\Boxer, Trainer, promoter, and Mixed Martial Arts Missionary 

Brian Green is a 4 time Professional Mixed Martial Arts Champion, and Missionary to the regions of South America. He's been fighting professionally for 13 years, and has competed in many countries throughout the Americas. He resided in Nicaragua for a number of years, and seeks opportunities to help the people in need there.

Changing the world doesn't happen

all at once. Love and caring however,

makes a huge impact! Let's help 

these people, and show the world

that love and support can truly

change it all!

I'll be posting videos and blog posts

while I'm in Nicaragua, showing

the impact we are having on the

people in need this Holiday season!


A Fighter's Mission.

My mission description is coming soon! See the video above for details!

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so we can help those that need it most, one heart at a time.